Ferrari 250 GT PF SII Cabriolet
Year: 1962 Style: 2-door Spyder
Color: Silver/Blue Engine: 3773 GT
Price: P.O.A. Chassis#: 250 GT F 3773

Alfa Giulietta Spyder Veloce
Year: 1959 Style: 2-door Spyder
Color: White/Red Engine: 1315 31962
Price: $149,500 Chassis#: 1495F05285

Aston Martin DB Mk III
Year: 1959 Style: 2 Door Coupe
Color: Moonbeam Grey/Maroon Engine: 2.9L Inline DOHC 6 cylinder #1295
Price: $450,000 Chassis#: AM 300 3 1643

Chevrolet C-20 4WD Pickup
Year: 1972 Style: 2 Door Pickup Truck
Color: Red Engine: 455 CID V8
Price: $29,950 Chassis#: CKE242Z102079

Ex-Stirling Moss Shelby GT350
Year: 1966 Style: 2-door competition fastback
Color: White w/LeMans blue stripe Engine: 289 CID V8
Price: SOLD Chassis#: SFM6S089

Spice-Pontiac GTP Lights Racecar - MAKE OFFER!
Year: 1986 Style: GT Prototype Race Car
Color: White/Red Engine: Pontiac In-line 4 Cyl OHC
Price: $399,500 Chassis#: PSGTPL1

Lola Mk 1
Year: 1960 Style: Sports Racer
Color: Red with green stripes Engine: Coventry Climax FWE
Price: SOLD Chassis#: BR-22

Alfa Romeo Giulietta Veloce Spyder
Year: 1959 Style: 2 door spyder race car
Color: Red Engine: 1300cc DOHC
Price: SOLD Chassis#: #1495 04580

Elva Courier Mk IV
Year: 1963 Style: 2 door competition roadster
Color: Red Engine: MGB 1800cc
Price: SOLD Chassis#: E-1193

Rolls Royce Silver Wraith
Year: 1980 Style: 4 door sedan
Color: Gold/Black Engine: 6.8L V8 220HP
Price: SOLD

Ford Thunderbird
Year: 1960 Style: 2 Door Convertible
Color: Red/White Engine: 352CID, 4bbl, 300HP
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 0Y73Y120670

Ford Thunderbird - REDUCED!
Year: 1955 Style: 2 Door Convertible
Color: Teal/White Engine: 292 CID V8
Price: $29,500 Chassis#: P5FH226081

Mercedes Benz 190SL Roadster
Year: 1956 Style: 2 Door Roadster
Color: Strawberry Red Metallic Engine: 1.9 Liter inline 4cyl OHC 120 HP
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 6503307

Mallock M6B Vintage Racecar - REDUCED!
Year: 1967 Style: Single-seat, Open-wheel
Color: Red Engine: 1600cc Lotus Twin Cam
Price: $26,500 Chassis#: Steel Tube frame

Porsche 912 Targa
Year: 1968 Style: 2 door Targa
Color: Red Engine: 1600cc flat four
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 12870514

Jaguar XK140 Drop Head Coupe - The first LHD manufactured!
Year: 1955 Style: 2 Door Drop Head Coupe
Color: Maroon/Biscuit Engine: 3.4 Liter In-line DOHC 6 Cylinder
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 817001

Iso-Grifo A3/C
Year: 1964 Style: 2 Door Stradale Coupe
Color: Black Engine: 327 CID Chevrolet
Price: SOLD Chassis#: B0217

Caterham Super 7 Sprint
Year: 1985 Style: 2-seat Roadster
Color: Natural/BRG Engine: 1600 Ford In-line 4 cyliner
Price: SOLD Chassis#: CS34420MKLM

Cadillac Series 62 Coupe de Ville
Year: 1955 Style: 2 Door Convertible
Color: White/Red Engine: 331 CID V8
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 5562114181

Ferrari 365 GT 2+2
Year: 1970 Style: 2 Door Sedan
Color: Maroon Engine: 4390 cc V-12 #12743
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 12743

Chevrolet Corvette Roadster - Rolling Chassis
Year: 1969 Style: 2 Door Coupe
Color: Blue/Silver Engine: Fits a Small block V8
Price: SOLD

Shelby GT350 - SOLD!
Year: 1968 Style: 2 Door Fastback
Color: Wimbeldon White Engine: 302 CID Ford/Shelby V8
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 8T02J134499-00940

Ferrari 288GTO
Year: 1985 Style: 2 Door Coupe
Color: Red/Black Engine: 2855 CC Turbo
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 52739

Audi TT ALMS Limited Edition
Year: 2002 Style: 2 Door Coupe
Color: Avus Silver /Red Nappa Engine: 1.8L 4 Turbo DOHC 20V - 225HP
Price: SOLD Chassis#: TRUWT28N92L023843

Ferrari 275 GTB/4 BERLINETTA
Year: 1967 Style: 2 Door Berlinetta
Color: Rosso/Corsa w/ tan interior Engine: 3285cc 12cyl OH 24 valve, 300 bhp
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 9677

246 Dino Ferrari
Year: 1971 Style: 2 door Berlinetta
Color: Brown Metallic (Marrone Colorado) Engine: 2.4L V6 DOHC transverse
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 01100

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Coupe
Year: 1973 Style: 2-door Berlinetta
Color: Silver (Argento Metallizzato) Engine: 4390cc Alloy V12
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 17009

Year: 1964 Style: Open Spyder
Color: Polished Alloy Engine: 255 CID, Alloy Olds, V8, 350 bhp
Price: SOLD Chassis#: #002

Fiat 1500 Cabriolet - Original & Rare
Year: 1964 Style: 2 door Spider
Color: Tomato Red & Black/tan interior Engine: 1500cc in-line 4 cylinder
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 28911

Ferrari 365 GTB/4 Daytona Spyder
Year: 1973 Style: 2 door Berlinetta
Color: Red (Rossa Corso) Engine: V-12 60
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 17071

Year: 1969 Style: Open wheel race car
Color: Yellow/Black Engine: Chevrolet V8 302CID
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 300-08

Lincoln KB Victoria Coupe
Year: 1933 Style: 2 Door Coupe
Color: Purple/Raspberry Engine: V12 Flathead (Fork & Blade)
Price: SOLD Chassis#: KB2137

Year: 1987 Style: Single seat/open wheel
Color: Blue/White Engine: 2650cc V8 DOHC Turbocharged 850 HP
Price: SOLD Chassis#: H.U. 10

Ferrari 500TRC
Year: 1957 Style: 2 Door Spyder
Color: Rosso/Corsa Engine: 2 Liter in-line 4 cyl.
Price: SOLD Chassis#: #0670MDTR

Year: 1963 Style: 2 Door Coupe
Color: Bali Blue (orig) Engine: Flat 4, air cooled
Price: SOLD

Ferrari 275 GTB4 Alloy Berlinetta
Year: 1967 Style: 2-door Berlinetta
Color: Brown Metallic Engine: 10059
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 10059

Year: 1990 Style: 2 door Berlinetta
Color: Rosso Corsa Engine: V8, twin turbo 2900cc
Price: SOLD Chassis#: #86438

Year: 1967 Style: 2 door Roadster
Color: Red/Black Engine: 427 CID V8
Price: SOLD Chassis#: CSX3318

Porsche 356B Roadster
Year: 1960 Style: 2 door Roadster
Color: Aetna blue/Tan Engine: 1600 cc Flat four
Price: SOLD Chassis#: 87536

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