Drip Sentry TM is the proven solution to your collector cars ruining your expensive flooring.
Designed by a collection manager and proven in a major automotive museum, Drip Sentry will SAVE YOU MONEY!

Available in multiple sizes to fit ANY vehicle, including motorcycles:
  • Large is 44" x 37" - Fits ALL cars, trucks, boats or airplanes
  • Small is 19" x 19" - Designed for cars, motorcycles or parts

Made of specially-created and custom-coated paperboard, Drip Sentry trays have a 3" lip and a unique fluid-absorbent mat laid inside. They are designed to absorb and contain UP TO 1.5 GALLONS of fluids (large size), including oil, gas, water, grease and antifreeze. The mat soaks up the fluids BEFORE they can reach the tray, which is also coated with an oil and fluid-resistant coating to further keep the fluids from leaking through to the floor below. When the mat becomes soaked, simply place it in a plastic bag and dispose of. Replacement mats are available, and the tray will last for years!

Are you tired of seeing this under your car and a nasty oil spot on your
expensive carpet, tile or custom flooring?

End it forever with the environmentally-friendly Drip Sentry !

Large triple-pack is specially priced at only $49.95 + s/h
Small single-pack is specially priced  at
only $16.95 + s/h
Absorbent Mat Refill pack - 3 pads for only $24.95 + s/h

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Drip Sentry is a performance product from Dobson Motorsport, LLC.

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